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Swift on Arm

Swift is an exciting new coding language developed by Apple and is now Open Source and available for many different platforms.

Swift-Arm is all about getting Swift onto small arm devices.

The most well known is the Raspberry Pi but there are also many other small linux based devices such as the Asus TinkerBoard, CHIP, Orange Pi,  Rock64, and many many more.

Raspberry Pi 4 show running Ubuntu Eoan, VSCode and editing Swift Code. Full 64bit kernel and desktop system.

As well as porting the Swift Coding Language to Linux on Armv6/Armv7/Aarch64 cpu's, the project also involves building special Arm compatible versions of popular open source software such as Visual Studio Code.

The Swift-Arm Package Repository

The Swift-Arm package repository contains easy to use apt-get install packages for Ubuntu, Debian and Raspbian Linux installations. All the current release versions of swift are available as well as the latest developer snapshots. You will also find useful applications such as Visual Studio Code and various build tools.

Featured Project

PiCode for Swift

PiCode for Swift is a cutting-edge app for iPad that delivers you a unique opportunity to bring your Swift Code alive. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of Swift and the Raspberry Pi. Write powerful Swapps (Swift Apps) that interact with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and control the world around you. Quickly and easily connect to your Raspberry Pi and other compatible devices. Transfer your Swift projects and watch your creations come alive with the click of a button. Be a part of Swift, the fastest growing coding language in the world and use the amazing features of Swift on your iPad and Raspberry Pi.
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Apps for iPad

PiCode for Swift

Write powerful Swapps (Swift Apps) that interact with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and control the world around you. Quickly and easily connect to your Raspberry Pi and other compatible devices.
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Study Japanese for iPad

A Complete Reading, Writing and Audio Study Application to learn the Japanese phonetic alphabet - Hiragana & Katakana.
Use the "SoundPads" to learn the individual character sounds and the traditional Japanese learning rhymes.
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Easy ePub Creator Pro

Quickly and easily create beautiful Fixed-Layout eBooks, while having complete control over page styling and book layout. Designed for professionals who have a basic understanding of "HTML" and "CSS" coding. Create .ePub files to EPUB 3 Specification which are compatible with all devices supporting this format.

Easy Pi Code Editor

An easy to use code editor designed for connecting to your Raspberry Pi style IoT device.
Create and edit Python, Ruby, Perl and other code swiftly and simply. Syntax color highlighting makes it easy to read the code. Code Snippets enables swift and easy reuse of common code sections.
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